About Me

In 2014 my husband and I moved ashore to Perth, Australia.  We had both worked in the Super Yacht industry for the past 15 years. I started out way back as a deck hand and worked my way up to being a Captain and Graeme as Head Chef. We decided it was time to take our sealegs ashore and try and settle into a “normal” life.

After working in the yachting industry on both private and charter yachts and travelling to some of the top holiday destinations in the world like St Tropez and  Sardinia in the Mediterranean to the tropical islands islands of St Barths, St Maarten and Anguilla in the Caribbean…”normal” life was a real kick in the teeth.

Reality hit home when after 6 months we both realised that our yachting qualifications and experience were not recognised or understood in the world of working ashore and most emplyers didn’t understand how they could tie in our expertise into a shoreside role…not to mention my MCA Masters ticket wasn’t even recognised in Australia.

So Graeme went off to the mine sites to work as a line Chef and it is was back to the beginning for me……not what we had in mind, but by this stage we had acquired two fur babies and going back to yachting wasn’t an option.

I was forced to look at alternative ways to earn an income and was never really open to working 9-5 anyway and wanted the freedom to make our own choices, and we were not going to get that as long as we had an employer calling the shots.

We started an online “traditional” business using eBay as a trading platform and got thrown into the deep end of what really running your own business entailed !

I was used to wearing a lot of different hats and multi tasking was second nature…but this was a whole new ballgame. No one told us that for the first 2 years you would just see thousands of dollars going out and nothing coming in, not to mention a bunch of stock items that  were a hit for one week and then the next we had been outplayed by something bigger and better. It was a massive learning curve.

Then I was introduced to Network Marketing business…..and although I think it is one of the best business models out there I really didn’t want to have to start “selling” stuff and as I was new to our area didn’t have a large network around me and the traditional offline methods seemed very long term and out of reach.

I got stuck in and started going to networking events,  meetups, doing presentations and cold calling and all the rest. What I found was a very slow build process with an attrition percentage of my team near to 1% so that means 1 person out of 10 would stick around and maybe try make a go of it.  I just couldn’t get duplication to work and was literaly going  in every direction to find what could work.  Not ideal and my idea of retiring my husband and sipping cocktails on the beach were fast diminishing.

I was then introduced to a system that showed me how to build my business online. Finally something that worked, with a proven method that normal people like you and me can understand and implement.

So 18 months later I am on the right road, working with like minded people looking for the same things in life and can finally say good bye to traditional business and concentrate  on my network marketing.

My personal development and education has been massive and without this you will not succeed in anything you do….it’s part of the ride.

The key components that you need to make your business work are:

  • People that have a need for your product or service
  • A strategy to attract these specific type of people
  • Consistent Action

I have found a system that works which has created time freedom for me, no more running around spending hrs of my time networking, doing expos or cold calling.

I can now concentrate from the comfort of my own home and build my business without the stress of thinking where am I going to find my next lead.

It is possible to create a successful business as long as you are coachable and are committed to making it a success.

Be committed and you will never look back.

I look forward to working alongside you and wish you huge success with your business.